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Date Updated:

November 13,2005


1919 BlackSox.com expands it's online shop to include replica 1919 White Sox jerseys, two new Black Sox related books and four uncirculated 1919 World Series photos.

October 20,2005

In recognition of the 2005 Chicago White Sox winning their first American League Pennant in 46 years, an update to the "Then & Now" section of the website had been added.

August 3,2005

Added photos of the Cook County Courthouse which held the Black Sox trial of 1921. The Courthouse, which was erected in 1893 became a Chicago Landmark on June 9,1993. A photo of the landmark dedication plaque and the courthouse photos can be viewed in the section entitled "The Trial."

May 21,2005

Celebrating it's third anniversary on the World Wide Web, 1919 BlackSox.com debuts it's newest section, "Gambling Vs. Steroids". This section examines and compares baseball's newest scandal versus that of the Black Sox scandal. Also addressed is how both scandals have impacted the integrity of the game.

April 6,2005

1919 BlackSox.com begins accepting voluntary donations for the first time.

October 1,2004

Marking the 85th anniversary of the 1919 World Series, 1919 BlackSox.com posts World Series headlines from the New York Times as they appeared October 1-10,1919.

May 21,2004

1919 BlackSox.com undegoes it's largest makeover since debuting on the internet.
With an early 1900's movie theater-type appearance, the website expands to 106 pages. Consisting of a 30-second Flash Intro "movie," the website features Ragtime music playing in the background. New sections include an in-depth look at the Black Sox Story, a "Then & Now" Section, a Black Sox Photo Gallery and a Desktop Wallpaper Section.

March 16,2004

Advertisments and sponsored pages become available for the first time.

March/April, 2003

In cooperation with Amazon.com, 1919 BlackSox.com debuts it's merchandise section, featuring books and videos about the Black Sox. A one-question survey also debuts.

October 1,2002

Nearly doubling from it's original size, 1919 BlackSox.com expands to 54 pages. New features include a memorabilia page, Flash slideshow and 3 original World Series movie clips, courtesy of RareSportsFilms, Inc.

May 21,2002

1919 BlackSox.com debuts on the internet. With a total of 28 pages, it draws 680 total pages viewed in it's first full month on the world wide web.

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