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Questions about the Black Sox:
    I have a question about the Black Sox. Who do I contact?
    We encourage you to write us with your Black Sox comments or questions. We will make every effort to reply back to you within 24 hours.

    How did the term "Black Sox" come about?
    The term "Black Sox" was originally given to members of the White Sox team after they refused to pay to have their uniforms cleaned. In choosing to play in dirty or "black" uniforms, they were given the title the "Black Sox." After the 1919 World Series scandal broke, the title "Black Sox" resurfaced as a label for the tarnished image of the eight accused players.

    What were the uniform numbers of the eight Black Sox players?
    Numbers did not begin to appear on major league uniforms until the late 1920's and early 1930's. The New York Yankees were the first team to place numbers on their uniforms as a means of showing a players position in the batting order.

    Are any ballplayers from the 1919 World Series still alive?
    All players from the 1919 World Series are no longer alive. The last living player that played in the 1919 World Series was Cincinnati Reds centerfielder Edd Roush. Edd Roush passed away in 1988.

Questions about Black Sox memorabilia:

    Are any of our vintage baseball cards for sale?
    The vintage cards displayed on this website are being used from sources in our bibliography section or are images that have been donated by visitors to this site. Therefore, we do not own these items and to the best of our knowledge are not currently for sale.

    How much is my Black Sox card/memorabilia worth?
    Black Sox memorabilia is always in high demand. In determining the value of a Black Sox card or article of memorabilia, it's authenticity, rarity and overall condition should always be considered.

Questions about this website:

    I have a question about this website. Who do I contact?
    We encourage you to write us with your comments, questions and input regarding our website. We will make every effort to reply back to you within 24 hours.

    I noticed an error on this website. Who do I contact?
    While we have made every effort to provide accurate information on this website, occasionally an error is brought to our attention. If you feel you have located an error, please e-mail us and we will investigate.

    Will 1919BlackSox.com exchange website links?
    We would be happy to have you link to our website. If you have a website you would like to see linked from our site, e-mail us us your web address for review. In keeping with the Black Sox theme and era, all submitted websites should be of vintage baseball in nature.

    Will 1919BlackSox.com be adding more features onto their website?
    Yes! Since debuting in May 2002, we have made several additions to our website. These additions include interactive polls, original World Series footage and an all-new design for an easier, more successful user experience. In the future we plan to add more features, links and photographs to our website. You can help by donating your scanned photos of vintage baseball cards, memorabilia and photographs to us. Remember, all donations to our site will include appropriate credits.


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