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"Burying the Black Sox: How Baseball's Cover-up of the 1919 World Series Fix Almost Succeeded" by Gene Carney. Burying the Black Sox is undoubtly the most comprehensive book about the Black Sox Scandal to date. Author Carney leaves no stone unturned examining all aspects of the thrown Series of 1919 including the Johnson-Comiskey feud, Joe Jackson's role, exactly who knew what and when. Excellent footnotes. A must read for any baseball historian or Black Sox fan. POTOMAC BOOKS, 392 pages. ISBN: 1574889729.

"Red Legs and Black Sox : Edd Roush and the Untold Story of the 1919 World Series" by Susan Dellinger. EMMIS BOOKS, 320 pages. ISBN: 1578602297. This book was released February 9,2006.
The Chicago "Black Sox" Baseball Scandal: A Headline Court Case by Michael Pellowski. Author examines all aspects of the World Series Scandal including game-by-game breakdown, lineups and individual plays. Subsequently looks at criminal and civil trials, banishment of players and the influence of the media. Includes eight discussion questions. ENSLOW PUBLISHERS, INC, 128 pages. ISBN: 0766020444.
Originally released in 1963, Eliot Asinof's "Eight Men Out" provides a clear and detailed look into the fixing of the 1919 World Series. Widely accepted as definitive, "Eight Men Out" has become the standard account of the Black Sox scandal. Includes photos of all eight Black Sox players as well as photos of others involved in the scandal. HENRY HOLT PUBLISHER, 302 pages. ISBN: 0805065377
"Say It Ain't So, Joe" by Donald Gropman. First published in 1979, this biography of Joe Jackson also makes a case for Jackson's exoneration. In the book, Gropman claims to have "the most accurate version of Joe Jackson's role in the Black Sox scandal ever published." Contains many rare photos and documents, including the full text of Ted Williams-Bob Feller petiton to admit Joe into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Excellent resource for any Joe Jackson fan. CITADEL PRESS/KENSINGTON PUBLISHING, 374 pages. ISBN: 0806521155
"Judge and Jury: The Life and Times of Kenesaw Mountain Landis" by David Pietrusza. This in depth biography tells the story of the Federal Judge who became baseball's first Commissioner. Pietrusza writes at great length of Landis tenure as Commissioner, the Black Sox Scandal, the Cobb-Speaker case, and includes details of all 19 players banished by Landis. Other topics include Landis views on baseball's farm system, racial integration and his overall style of governing. Outstanding footnotes. DIAMOND COMMUNICATIONS PUBLISHING, 564 pages. ISBN: 1888698098
Saying It' So: A Cultural History of the Black Sox Scandal by Daniel A. Nathan.
UNIV. OF ILLINOIS, 360 pages. ISBN: 0252027655. This book was released in January 2003.
The 1919 World Series: What Really Happened by William A. Cook. This book takes an objective look at all aspects of the 1919 World Series including players, managers, owners and on-field events. Includes statistical charts to compare teams batting, pitching and seasonal records. MCFARLAND & Co., 192 pages. ISBN: 0786410698.


Based on the book by Eliot Asinof, "Eight Men Out" (DVD) the movie was released in 1988 by Orion Pictures. Produced by Sarah Pilsbury and Midge Sanford, it features John Cusack as Buck Weaver and Charlie Sheen as Happy Felsch. Rated as "the best baseball movie ever" by USA Today newspaper. Running Time: 1 hour 59 minutes, color. DVD ASIN: B000059TFM. Also available in VHS ASIN: 0792841786

A and E Home Video: "World Series Fix! The Black Sox Scandal." This documentary combines interviews of baseball historians, "Eight Men Out" author Eliot Asinof and rare photos to tell the story of the Black Sox Scandal. In addition, this video also contains a color dramatization and original black and white footage of several Black Sox players involved in the fix. Running Time: 50 minutes, b/w and color. ASIN: B000009EB2

PBS Video: Baseball: A Film By Ken Burns. Video 3 in a 9 part series documents baseball from 1910-1920. Incorporates interviews of baseball players and historians, along with original black and white footage and still photos to accurately describe the game of baseball during the "deadball era." A 35-minute segment is devoted to the Black Sox Scandal and includes footage of all 8 games of the 1919 World Series. Approximate running time: 2 hours, b/w and color. ASIN: 6303218652

PBS Video: Baseball: A Film By Ken Burns. Set of 9 DVD's document the history of baseball from it's inception in 1839 to the present. Numerous video clips, photos and interviews by historians, ballplayers and others makes this series an American epic. Approximate running time: 19 hours, b/w and color. DVD ASIN: 0780630459 Also available in VHS ASIN: 6303218725

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